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Is keto safe?...and I digress...

by Cathy Gold on 10/25/17

Here's the thing... we're so diet weary aren't we?  For decades there has been one thing after another claiming to be the final answer to our weight loss woes.  Magic pills.  Miracle shakes.  Fad diets.  None have worked the magic they advertise.  Many have had harmful, even deadly, side effects.  And most have caused us to gain even more weight!  Combine that with being told for as long as we've lived that grains are good and fat is bad... it's no wonder we're skeptical! 

I was skeptical too!  I'm glad you are! I've spent the better part of the last year researching ketogenic diets and the health benefits being touted.  I was determined to discount the claims and "prove" that this was just another fad diet.  I was pretty shocked at first by what I found... mountains of evidence to support the keto lifestyle.  It's been around over 100 years and is in fact how our early ancestors survived.  We would not have continued to exist if the human body was not capable of maintaining ketosis - a secondary metabolic pathway in the absence of carbohydrate. I mean what the heck source of carbs did the hunter-gatherers have in the dead of winter?  Meat was it, and the fat from the animals.  Hence, keto!

Not only did I find tons of clinical research as to the safety and efficacy of ketogenic diets, I discovered that Americans have been essentially lied to and manipulated by the food and pharmaceutical industries.  The food guidelines provided by the government are not based on science at all - they even admit that! Even worse, there have been back door deals, cronyism, and straight up fraud when it comes to our government and medical agencies' recommendations.  It's enough to make you sick... oh wait... it absolutely IS making us sick!  And fat! 

So, the truth?  More than 80% of diseases today are directly related to the food we eat.  And of course ALL of the overweight and obesity epidemic can be attributed to food - over-consumption yes, but also the wrong balance of macro-nutrients.  Many of us are eating according to the recommendations - lots of heart healthy grains, and limited fat.  But what's happened to the obesity rate?  It's skyrocketed!

More truth?  The fats and cholesterol you EAT do not at all cause your blood cholesterol to rise.  In fact when we eat higher natural and healthy fats, our blood cholesterol levels go DOWN as does our risk of heart disease.  (Google the PURE study of you're geeking out on this and want more details.)  The truth is, cholesterol is made in the liver... from excess carbs, sugar, and artificial fats!  There's never been any evidence at all to support the theory that high blood cholesterol "causes" heart disease and clogged arteries. 

Yes, I said "theory" - you see, in the late 1950s and 1960s one group of researchers claimed fat in your diet caused cholesterol to go up and that caused heart disease.  Another group said no, no, no... it's the sugar in your diet that's causing the problem.  You can guess which side had more influence.  And they haven't turned back.  The truth is blood cholesterol levels are way more complicated than we ever realized. There are more sub-particles being discovered and the roles of each are becoming more understood.  Yes, some people with high "bad" cholesterol will have heart problems.  But even more people with "normal" blood cholesterol are turning up with heart disease!  We're beginning to understand that the cholesterol is there to help solve the problems that a diet high in processed foods, bad fats, and sugar is causing.  In essence, cholesterol is there to patch up the damage to the arteries caused by inflammation!  So, it's like fire fighters are there at the scene of a house fire... but they didn't CAUSE the fire!

Long way of saying this... you have nothing to worry about by eating more fats!  You will NOT hurt yourself.  You WILL have to arm yourself with knowledge and confidence though.  More and more doctors are learning, but the majority are still stuck in old thinking.  The likelihood is that your doctor's head will fly off if you tell them you're considering keto.  In addition, your family and friends will think you're nuts.  So, read up, talk to me, check out my FaBuLife website... gather information from non-biased sources and educate yourself. 

Finally, the thing that convinced me most was this... there's absolutely zero, none, nada, research showing that keto is harmful.  I learned that saturated fats are more studied than any other nutrient by far, and in all that research they have never, even once, been able to link saturated fats to disease.  The theories were dead wrong. 

Even more, when big name nutritionists and doctors are interviewed, they can't come up with rational explanations for their prejudice against keto.  They'll say things like "it's too restrictive" or "it's not sustainable" or "people won't stick to it" to defend their stance against it.  Well, hundreds of thousands of people have reversed health conditions including diabetes, lost weight and maintained it, and felt better than ever before, for 20 or more years!  Sounds pretty sustainable to me!

Here's the thing... who makes money if the answer to everything is to change our diet?  If we eat whole clean foods, the way God made them, and avoid processed crap, who loses out?  If we treat diseases through proper nutrition first, and only add drugs and medical devices as a last resort, who's pockets get lined?   You see "they" have a lot to lose if we all catch on.  Did you know Kellog's corporation was the initial sponsor of the committee deciding on dietary recommendations?  Yep - you think a company who's profits are determined by the amount of grains we eat was open minded in their recommendations? 

What do I have to gain?  Nothing.  I make money selling exercise.  If more exercise was the answer, I'd tell you that you needed ME more, and I'd sit back and collect your checks.  But that would be a lie.  You do need to exercise.  But without getting your food right,  it's of little benefit.  I profit nothing from that recommendation.  But, it's the truth.  I want to see you get healthy, avoid chronic illness, reverse the symptoms you already have, and lose weight once and for all.  THAT is only going to happen by drastically cutting carbs, maybe even going keto, and getting real whole nutrient dense foods into your diet without all the packaged and processed crap the food industry tells us to eat... think about it.

Remember if you're going to try keto, you HAVE to do it right!  There's so much info out there... talk to me for trusted resources if you want to get started!  And if you're worried about dropping carbs, even non-ketogenic low carb diets are tremendously beneficial.  Start where you can.  Just start. 

THANKS y'all and let's talk again soon! 

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