Individual Training 
Two sessions/week: $300/month (less than $40/session)
Three sessions/week: $400/month (less than $35/session)
Drop In or inconsistent schedule: $50/session or 10-pack for $450

Group Personal Training (this is NOT an exercise class!) 
(rates per person)
Groups of 4-6
     Two sessions/week: $75/month
     Three sessions/week: $100/month
     Drop In: $15/session
Groups of 2-3
     Two sessions/week: $100-150/month
     Three sessions/week: $150-200/month
     Drop In: $25/session per person

Nutrition Counseling
Initial Consultation: $75-100
Follow Up: $30-50 
Phone or Internet Consultations available too! See Nutrition Consulting

Please email us with questions.
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I believe in making fitness affordable, without sacrificing quality. That's why I believe so much in small group training!  Share the cost of personal training with a few others, and get all the benefits!  I proudly offer the best rates in the area for similar programs and will always strive to give you added value in the experience. You simply cannot put a price on a healthy lifestyle... you're worth so much more!