Ever wonder why some people can "eat whatever they want" and not gain weight?
Or how about those who "eat great but don't lose weight"?
How are your food choices effecting your health? your happiness?

Why do we think we're all supposed to eat exactly the same?  Nothing about humans is exactly the same from person to person.  The diet industry has FAILED us in tryng to prescribe one diet for every person.  It doesn't work that way!

Whether you've tried everything to lose weight and can't seem to drop an ounce, or you're just starting to notice a little extra "fluff" around the middle, I can help you design a diet that will change everything for you.  

There are no pills, shakes, supplements, or magic potions.  You'll eat real food, and nothing's off limits!

I'll help you design a diet that fits your life, is sustainable, and will get you feeling and looking your best!

Initial consultation: Plan for 60-90 minutes! We'll talk about a lot of stuff and
you'll leave with a plan you can immediately put into action.

Follow up: In person, online, or phone follow up will help you stay on track
and be successful!  

CONTACT ME to get started TODAY!

I'm super excited to now offer my nutrition consulting program entirely online!  You can have an in-person or phone based initial consult.  Then you'll get weekly emails with educational videos, tips, motivation, and support.  Plus you'll have access to my YouTube workout videos as well as personalized modifications for any exercises you struggle with.  AND you'll still have access to ME via text/email for questions, problems, and advice throughout your program!  All you have to do is DO IT!
Nutrition Consulting
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