Ever wonder why some people can "eat whatever they want" and not gain weight?
Or how about those who "eat great but don't lose weight"?
How are your food choices effecting your health? your happiness?

Why do we think we're all supposed to eat exactly the same?  Nothing about humans is exactly the same from person to person.  The diet industry has FAILED us in tryng to prescribe one diet for every person.  It doesn't work that way!

Whether you've tried everything to lose weight and can't seem to drop an ounce, or you're just starting to notice a little extra "fluff" around the middle, I can help you design a diet that will change everything for you.  

There are no pills, shakes, supplements, or magic potions.  You'll eat real food, and nothing's off limits!

I'll help you design a diet that fits your life, is sustainable, and will get you feeling and looking your best!

PLUS we'll work on your mindset, those mental barriers that make you quit even when you're doing great! 

Nutrition Consulting
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FaBu-Life is my web-based nutrition course that teaches you step by step how to change your metabolism into one that burns fat instead of sugar! Over this 6 week course, you get daily contact with me through videos and challenges, plus you get access to a private group for support and accountability. From nutrition tips to exercise routines, recipes to real-life strategies, you'll get all the tools you need to live a low carb (or even keto) lifestyle. CLICK IMAGE for more. 
FaBU-Life is a 6 week course. The next session begins Wednesday January 22nd. 
Nutritional Therapy is an in-depth, highly  personalized approach to improving health and wellness through nutrition. We begin with a thorough and detailed analysis of your current diet and lifestyle, and seek to understand how your current diet is affecting your body and mind  We then work together to implement strategies to reverse the damage done by food and help you reach optimal wellness and minimal signs of illness and disease. The process will focus on the importance of a properly prepared, nutrient-dense, whole food diet paired with a well-balanced lifestyle. Sessions can be in-person or web-based. Best results are obtained with consistent and frequent follow up. 
Nutritional Therapy is extremely individual. Sessions are private and begin any time. 
20-20 is my newest program designed to keep you moving in the right direction ALL YEAR LONG!

Every 20-days we start a new cycle, so you stay motivated and keep progressing, based on how you did in the previous 20-days! It's all about YOU!

We work together in phases:

20-20 is renewed every 20 days! You choose your commitment.
FIRST SESSION begins Monday January 6th!